Loop It Forward

The Loop is partnering with neighborhood schools to support teachers and improve classrooms. Many times our hardworking teachers have to pay for supplies out of their own pockets and/or have to limit the resources they can provide students. Join forces with The Loop and together, let's help raise money that will help our schools, our teachers and most importantly our community's kids. Together, let's Loop It Forward! Contribute below.

Chapel Hill location sponsoring Ephesus Church Elementary & Estes Hills Elementary:

Kernersville location sponsoring Caleb’s Creek Elementary & Union Cross Elementary:

Winston Salem location Sponsoring Whitaker Elementary & Brunson Elementary:

Amelia Island location sponsoring Emma Love Hardee Elementary & Southside Elementary:

Neptune Beach location sponsoring Neptune Beach Elementary & Mayport Elementary:

Julington Creek location sponsoring Julington Creek Elementary & Durbin Creek Elementary:

Nocatee location sponsoring Valley Ridge Elementary & Ocean Palms Elementary:

Mandarin location sponsoring Crown Point Elementary & Beauclerc Elementary:

Orange Park location sponsoring Grove Park Elementary and S. Bryan Jennings Elementary:

San Marco location sponsoring Hendricks Elementary & Kings Trail Elementary:

St. Johns Town Center location sponsoring Windy Hill Elementary & R.V. Daniels Elementary:

Deerwood location Sponsoring Twin Lakes Elementary & Southside Estates Elementary:

Avondale Location Sponsoring Fishweir Elementary & Northshore Elementary: